Susanne Charlotte Funk  M.A.


Spiritual Medium & Seer

Teacher for Consciousness Development



Soul Readings

Spiritual Coaching 

Shamanic Healing

Transformative Energy-Work

Nutrition Guidance & Healing Foods

Holistic Light Therapie (Andreas Korte)



The acceptance of the present moment, the recognition of self-responsibility, the love towards all life  & the continuous striving to a conscious understanding of all what is here & beyond, the Incomprehensible - the Divine Truth; these are the keys for  personal freedom & true spiritual growth!

Susanne Charlotte Funk 


Susanne's extra-sensory perceptions started when she was a toddler but were completely suppressed through her family environment. Only in her early twenties when Susanne started to work through her childhood experiences, she slowly rediscovered her clairsentient & clairvoyant abilities. 

After her official university formation and besides her profession as Educational Scientist & Teacher, Susanne started to study Energy-Work, Shamanism, Holistic Healthcare, Nutrition, Mediumship, Trance & Spiritualism. Her studies went hand-in-hand with long years of education and training in the different fields.  

To see what kind of education, training and awards Susanne has completed  and achieved please see her detailed bio under "Personal".  

In 2012 Susanne started her own business as Energy-Worker, Spiritual Medium & Holistic Coach. 

She offers private readings, workshops & seminars and teaches consciousness development in Germany, in the UK and throughout the World Wide Web. 

Susanne's individual based approach to Personal Growth, Spiritual Development and Well-Being is Transformative Holistic Empowerment.  

Her current base is in Mainz, Germany.